Michael Palmer-Asplin - Craftsman



        Michael started his own business on 18th August 1997 and has not looked back since.  Married to Clare with two children Harry & Jessica, the couple are both local having always lived in the Ouse Valley area of Cambridgeshire all their lives, indeed generations of both families have done so for centuries.

Michael started developing his fine carpentry and joinery skills at an early age with guidance from his Grandfather, the late Bernard Kester, well known in the Cambridgeshire Fens, then leaving school and for the following twelve years leading up to his venture, Michael was taken on by George  Hendry builders from Cambridge shire learning the skills of new builds and restoration works.  With the tuition of two of the finest Master Craftsmen in the area it has come as no surprise that Michael has achieved what he has.


"A gift for the birds"



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